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Alex Braverman is a fine art photographer. Born in Lithuania, he lived extensively in Israel, South Africa and the USA.

Alex’s work is best described by his own artist’s statement: “Photography is about what does not meet the eye.

He constantly searches for the subliminal, the allegories, the metaphors; each photograph is a story, each sequence – a novella unified by the common theme, rather than a collection of fragments.

In his dance photography Alex strives to convey the dance itself – the intimacy, the emotional impact, be it sorrow or celebration – exactly that which the choreographer wishes the audience to grasp. To that end Alex spends endless hours with the choreographer and the dancers, getting to know them on the most basic, yet profound, human level. He claims dance photography is a co-creative process, in which the entire team works on a single enduring work of art, a masterpiece. With this in mind Alex spent a year photographing the Bruce Wood Dance Company in Fort Worth. This collaboration resulted in a philosophical photo-essay examining the intricacies of the human condition – the “Uncertainty Principle.”

Dance is the art of motion – so is photography.” – is Alex’s credo. He discovers motion, either physical or spiritual, in everything he sees, while claiming that there’s more action in Michelangelo’s sculpture of Moses than in any James Bond film.

Having graduated from the New York Institute of Photography with the Merit Award, Alex continued honing his natural skills with Lois Greenfield – the preeminent dance photographer, while his studies under Tom Bol, a notable travel photographer, took Alex around the world: to Prague, Budapest, Tokyo, Kyoto, and other destinations.

Alex’s cityscapes focus on the cultural underpinnings of the place and time. “The habitat is inseparable from the inhabitants; it can tell us more about them than they are sometimes willing to admit. The habitat is the stage for despair or delight that is impossible to conceal.” His cityscapes work has culminated in the coveted prestigious Grand Prize in the Popular Photography magazine’s Annual International Contest.

“Braverman endows his photographs of dancers with both humor and reverence. The viewer can easily see that the idea of capturing motion is the subject Braverman is most interested in. He represents his elusive subject with grace and originality. Braverman’s skill in recording this art form surprises and delights his viewers.” – Agora gallery, New York.

major awards

IPA 2015 Honorable mention

B&W Magazine: Portfolio 2015 Award - Dance Photography

2014 Two Pollux Awards, two runner up, two 3rd place

B&W Magazine: Single Image 2013 Award - Architecture

2011 Pollux Award - Performing Arts photography

2011 Pollux Award - Digital Manipulation

B&W Magazine: Single Image 2010 Award - Street Photography

B&W Magazine: Portfolio 2010 Award - Dance Photography

Grand Prize winner of the Popular Photography 2009 15th Annual Contest


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B&W magazine


Southern Hum


Grey Sparrow

Bruce Wood Dance Company

Uncertainty Principle: the book

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